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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Map Pack 3 - Call of Duty: WaW

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been pretty busy with work. Now I'll be even more tied up with the release of Map Pack 3 for Call of Duty: World at War. Map Pack 3 features 3 brand new multiplayer maps, and a new Nazi Zombie map. Let's start with the multiplayer maps:

First, we have Battery. I've had the chance to play this map a few times, and overall I would say it is an ok map. The map is based on Fort Drum in the Phillipines. You start off on a ship/island, and there are lots of routes to go. I found myself wanting to stick with using the mp40 on this map due to enemies coming at you from all corners. Expect some crazy close quarter combat. You can also go out the side of the ship and get on these walkways. There are two towers on the outskirts of the map that are pretty good for sniping. Watchout, as there are more than one way to enter those towers. Don't get knifed when you got somone in your scope!

Second, there is Breach. A more spread out map, this one is definately going to give you some fun games. It is set in the streets of Berlin, and there are plenty of high and low routes around the map. I like this one because it seemed very well balanced. You usually spawn on one of the two sides, giving you enough time to get into position. This map will be a very good competitive map in my opinion. Capture the flag looks promising on here too.

Third, there is Revolution. Set in the streets of Russia, it has a pretty industrial theme to it. For the sniper in all of us, this map has plenty of great positions for picking off your opponents. At the same time, there are so many routes around the map, that flanks are always a possibility. What I really liked about this map was that there are alot of areas you can access by jumping. And who doesn't like jumping? Nobody. This one definately gets my favorite of the new maps.

And on to my favorite - Nazi Zombies - Der Riese - The Zombie Factory

Within the first few minutes of playing Der Riese, I was amazed. They really engineered this map to have you shouting at your friends "RUN LIKE FUCK" I was laughing my ass off playing, and it seems like they made the zombies smarter too! The map is based off a secret facility, with a large teleporter right near the start. There are 3 other teleport pads that need to be linked to the mainframe, and once they are linked, you are able to teleport between them back to the start of the map. This could really in handy for the "RUN LIKE FUCK" part I was talking about. Also, when you link all 3 teleporters, you get access to a brand new vending machine. The Pack A Punch, costs 5000, but gives you a random good weapon. I have only used it once, but I had the ray gun on me, I used the pack a punch, and it shot me out an upgraded raygun, Packer x2 or something like that. Seemed like a fully automatic ray gun, and I got an achievement for it. Also, they added a new knife on the wall (you'll have to find it) which deals alot more damage to zombies than the standard. I got a kick out of the new special Monkey grenades. You throw one out, it plays a little music and dances, and the zombies get attracted to it. Then they are in for a big surprise. This one definately makes the most out of all that nazi zombies has to offer. A quick tip, open the door on the right side first, seems to work out a little better. The power switch is down near the box, almost directly opposite of where you start at. I will probably be playing this constantly for the next week, so leave your comments. I'll try to post up a video, and get the 10 new achievements up here soon. Once again, if you ever want to play, add me on Xbox Live, ROUNDWHEEL.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Aliens ?

I have been hearing from the internet and from friends about some ideas concerning Nazi Zombies being removed from CoDMW2, which is great, because it would make no sense. The has also been some information out there about changing the enemies to aliens, still keeping the same type of concept as Nazi Zombies. I think that this would be a great idea and would fit in well with the game. We will keep our eyes and ears open and post any confirmations on this. Cross your fingers for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Alien Invasion!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fight Night Round 4 - Review

So, Fight Night Round 4 has been released for the Xbox 360, and it looks pretty kick ass. The game had a vicious task, to release a sequel to a game which had helped shape this generation of gaming. Fight Nigh Round 4 sports some new changes to the career mode, different control mechanics, and also the developers have reworked every move in the game, as well as creating a new physics system. Punches fly, lips split, bruises form, sweat drips, all in flawless graphics that will make you feel like you are inside the ring. I will be starting a career mode and posting up screenshots and movies so you can check out some of the games footage yourself. (from a gamers perspective)
You can also check out a good review over at our friends IGN.

Go check out your local GameStop and pick up your copy of Fight Night Round 4!

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Xbox in 2010: Confirmed by Steve Ballmer

We have a confirmed answer on the the release of a new Xbox, said to hit shelves in 2010. As TGDaily reports, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made the announcement at the Executives Club of Chicago today. Mr. Ballmer did not go into the specifics on the machine, but still we like the announcement.

Monday, June 15, 2009

New Nazi Zombie Map - Shi No Numa - with Map Pack 2

Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 2 is now out for Xbox360. Included inside this map pack is a new map for the game that is becoming more and more popular since release; Nazi Zombies.

The map is called Shi No Numa, and instead of fighting nazis, this time we are up against Japanese.....nazis? The COOLEST thing I think about the new map is that it is more open world. You can go outside the house, run around in a swamp, and even activate different booby traps like a giant swinging log, or make for a quick getaway in the zip line car.

The map layout is pretty well done. Starting in a hut in the middle, you are given a choice to open doors to the corner areas of the map, mostly leading to a swamp like area with a hut on the far side. Now, once you open the door to the hut, a randomly chosen powerup is distributed to that hut. Hopefully, you get juggernaut first. At about round 6, the next new addition to the game begins. Nazi zombie dogs. Now do not take these things lightly. They will randomly spawn out of little burst of electricity My best advice would be to get your team into a corner and just take them out as they come. So far the highest round that I have personally gotten to is round 16. With 2 people. And it is insane. I am not sure of any Nazi Zombie glitches for Shi No Numa yet, but hopefully I can find one and post it up for all of you top leaderboard wannabes. The 3 gun glitch has been removed, so say goodbye to your favorite 5. The next new feature is the Wunderwaffe DG-2, a lightning like gun that shoots a chain lightning bolt that will hit multiple zombies as long as they are close. Good clutch weapon when you are getting swarmed. Finally, new achievements and trophies have been added;

Hammer Time
Repair 200 window boards in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

Its a Trap!
Kill at least one zombie with three different traps in a single round. (Map Pack 2 only)

Weapon of Minor Destruction
Kill no more than one zombie with a nuke. (Map Pack 2 only)

Have all four perks simultaneously active in a game of Nazi Zombies. (Map Pack 2 only)

Fertilizer Man
Kill 200 zombies in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

Get 150 zombie headshots in a single game. (Map Pack 2 only)

Big Baller
Earn 75,000 points in a single Nazi Zombies game. (Map Pack 2 only)

Big Brawler
Get 10 consecutive zombie melee kills before Insta-Kill expires. (Map Pack 2)

Soul Survivor
Reach round 15 in Nazi Zombies without getting revived. (Map Pack 2 only)

Plus a secret Trophy/Achievement

So far, 5/5 Nazi Zombie map. The best so far. Definately pick up Map Pack 2, and jump in the fun. If you ever want to play, add me as a friend on Xbox360, ROUNDWHEEL.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

UFC: Undisputed Thougths

So far I am loving UFC 2009: Undisputed. I am currently 12-3 in my career mode. I really enjoy being able to pick the fight techniques and ability training of my fighter. Although I am learning quickly that there are alot of fighters who can take me out on the ground pretty easily.
My advice is to get good on your ground game, especially if you are planning on playing on Xbox live. With that in mind, I will soon be posting a tips and tricks for UFC with some techniques I have been using to hopefully improve your game. Check back soon for that!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Sacred 2 - Personal Review

Well, It took me longer than one night to get back here and write a review for the game. So far I have found it very enjoyable. The game has a good overall feel to it, not many bugs or annoying load times. The customization of your character's skills and moves is probably the best out of any Xbox RPG I have played yet. I've gotten a chance to link up with people in multi player, and it has always been a good connection (which was my main concern). The one minor problem I have is that there does not seem to be some kind of main quest line yet, but I am still very early in the game and I don't want to jump to conclusions. I have clocked in about 10 hours on the game, and I have about 5% of the map explored. So it seems that this will be a promising title.

Overall: 4/5
Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 4/5
Latency: 5/5
Difficulty: 4/5
Story: 3/5

The long awaited UFC 2009:Undisputed game comes out tomorrow, I will be sure to post some screenshots of my character in Career mode and maybe even a video when I get some time.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Upcoming Release - Prototype


Release Date: June 9th, 2009 for Xbox360

Preview: This game looks and sounds amazing. You take the role of Alex Mercer, awaking with no memory but a known tie to a town in Idaho. You are equipped with shapeshifting powers, allowing you to change your arms into different weapons, such as a whip, claws, or blades. You can even use special powers like thermal vision and you have an ability to disguise yourself as another person. <Photobucket

The game takes place inside of New York city, and is supposed to be an open world enviorment, allowing you to roam freely around the city.
The game sounds like it has some really cool ideas, and I am excited to get my hands on it when it arrives June 9th.

Sacred 2 - New Release


Sacred 2
Release Date: May 12th, 2009 for Xbox360

Personal Preview: I have not myself played any of the Sacred Series, but this seems to look like a pretty cool game. There is support for multiplayer gameplay, online or on the same console (which is cool because a lot of games aren't like this anymore). I am interested to see if this will be an Oblivion or a Two Worlds. If you've played either, you know what I mean. Will pick this game up today, I'll write my review on it later tonight.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Upcoming Release - UFC 2009: Undisputed

UFC 2009: Undisputed
RELEASE DATE: May 19th, 2009. (US)

Personal Comments:
If you haven't downloaded the demo off of the X-box Marketplce, you need to, NOW. The demo contains a tutorial mode which will help you learn the gameplay and prepare you for release date! Also there is a exhibition mode, where you can spar up against a friend or practice moves against a computer opponent.

Besides the demo features, the game will focus on a career mode where players will be able to create their own fighter, customize their skills and attributes, and compete to be one of the few to enter into the UFC Hall of Fame. There is a good preview of the career mode over at IGN's website:


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